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Better Online or Offline Training

Best Courses on How to Sell Your Art Online

Wonder how to sell your art online? Here are some of the best courses to get you started! The artist Ellen Brenneman shares her thoughts on the top five things to do when developing a strategy to sell your art online. IDEA – Sell T-Shirts with your Art: Try Printful; it’s Free!   BEST ONLINE COURSES […]

Study online with Udemy

Start Free Online Courses on Udemy

Udemy wants to help in such uncertain times by offering free online courses Udemy, among the world’s leading independent online training providers, understand things feel uncertain right now, and we’re all looking for ways we can help. At Udemy, the mission is to improve lives through online learning. Sometimes that means new skills for a […]

Apps for fast reading and listening to books Blinkist

Books suggestions on Blinkist: read or listen to the book summary

Blinkist is a fantastic mobile app that summarizes popular books and gives you the opportunity to read or listen to them. You can copy any book summary and download it or share. Imagine getting the essence of a full book in less of 10 minutes: it’s possible! Here the must-read (or listen to): Thinking, Fast […]

Come scegliere un servizio stampa tesi online

Un servizio di Stampa tesi di laurea online deve essere veloce, professionale e con il miglior prezzo. La qualità della stampa e dei materiali deve rispondere alle esigenze di ogni laureando. La stampa e la rilegatura tesi online deve avvenire con macchine di ultima generazione, grazie alle quali le stampe hanno una resa cromatica di […]