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These highly effective preparation methods will definitely improve your IELTS score

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Have a look at these proven methods to improve your performance

Most effective IELTS Preparation CoursesPreparing for IELTS has always been a tough step for students. IELTS is the leading Secure English Language Test (SELT) required to study in English-speaking countries. In particular after Brexit, many European students willing to move abroad to an anglophone country still resembling Europe have naturally opted for Canada. In that case, having a good Study in Canada guide can help to understand a system that is quite different than what they know in EU, but also a country that has a climate quite cold in comparison with average European standards.

Going back to IELTS, many universities are very demanding in terms of score, not just the average score but also the single skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

When it comes to preparation tools, there are quite a few out there but, honestly, some are just a waste of time (and often money), focusing only on some aspects which are OK but not essential to get a good score.

To succeed at IELTS means aiming at least at a 7.0 as an average and 7.0 in each of the four skills. This cannot be done with a simple vocabulary app. You need to be confident with the language as well as with the test technique. There are some tricks that can easily help you improve your score.

These are the most effective preparation tools and methods available for you that will improve your English level for life, study and work.

You can start anytime and study anywhere!

Don’t waste time and money with expensive ineffective courses, have a look at these proven solutions!

We cover all the most recent courses and tools to achieve the best IELTS score!

Recent and Effective IELTS preparation methods


Official books with multimedia material

IELTS official booksExplore a wide range of official books that often come with multimedia material, access to specific websites and mobile apps. They are official, from the most respected publishers in the world, you can read reviews and compare and, not least, their price is very low, in particular, if you choose used copies, available as well. To get the most recent material, just visit the section IELTS Preparation on Wireless Education!

Online tutors and teachers specialised in IELTS

IELTS qualified tutors

Here you can choose skilled and qualified tutors and teachers, native speakers, that have been successfully preparing thousands of students to face IELTS for years. Check their price (often very low) and reviews, their availability according to your schedule and book it. You can focus on specific skills where you’re weak (for example simulating the speaking part), avoiding parts where you don’t need training.

IELTS MOOC: online academic course

IELTS Academic training

A longer course that is comprehensive, self-paced and covers listening, speaking, reading and writing. It comes from the University of Queensland, Australia.

A range of great IELTS courses focusing on specific skills

IELTS top courses on Udemy

They are made by experts, they cost very little and can help you strenghten skills where you are weak. You can access anywhere, when you want, also through mobile apps. They often come with extra material and a discussion forum where you can interact with the teacher.

IELTS podcast to train continuously, the secret for a higher score

IELTS podcast

It is an option to practice whilst you run, bike, train in the gym, commute in the train, bus or car. An IELTS podcast made by experts will help you revise important parts of the test and give you new ideas and motivation to get a top score. Not least, it’s free.

Intensive preparation classes in an English speaking country

This is an expensive choice but gives you the top result in a short time. Choose if you can afford to travel and also experience a different country where English is the first language.


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