Effective Communication Skills and Soft Skills: a Workshop on Employability Skills

Effective Communication Skills and Soft Skills: a Workshop on Employability Skills

Topic of the Day :- Effective Communication Skills and Soft Skills by Mohammed Mouzam

Mohammad Mouzzam Ali is an experienced HR who is leading a team of US IT Recruiters.

He pursued MBA in HR and IT which helped him in implementation of various HR Functions.

His communication skills and personality has immensely improved which is a result of Volunteering at CGC.

Instructional Media Centre (IMC) is an initiative of MANUU, Hyderabad to bring education to your doorstep. Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) is a Central University established at National Level in 1998 by an act of Parliament to promote and develop the Urdu language and to impart vocational and technical education in Urdu medium through conventional and distance modes.

To develop the media components as part of the media-mix of the Distance Education offerings, MANUU has established a full-fledged ‘Instructional Media Centre (IMC) on its campus. IMC primarily serves the distance education needs of the University and Instructional Media Centre, MANUU Youtube channel is an initiative to provide the wider access of Higher Education to the un-reached, people desirous of pursuing programmes of higher education and training in Urdu medium through Distance modes.

Video published on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8N23RZMsWU by IMC MANUU

Did you know GATE?

GATE (ASET) consists of programs with highly motivating learning opportunities for students who have the extraordinary academic scope or are creatively talented. There are many training centres. Among the others High school tutor Perth provides what’s needed about GATE.

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