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  • Make the world your comfort zone: with Preply speak naturally with professional online tutors from 185 countries.
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6,65 EUR al mese, 3 mesi, Accesso ai corsi da pc, tablet e smartphone per imparare le lingue quando e come vuoi tu!

Real Teachers

  • Small groups or private classes
  • Classes are online. No need to commute.
  • Learn online anytime 24/7
  • Native-speaking, qualified teachers
  • Free Cambridge Exam included
  • Languages: English, Business English, French, German, Spanish


Get conversational straight away by learning the most useful things first. Then, truly master your new language with the most comprehensive courses there are. Get started in 60 seconds: take a free trial and learn more about how Rocket Languages will work for you.


Rosetta Stone prepares you for real-world conversations in your new language.

Without any translations it teaches you the sights and sounds you need to communicate effectively in everyday situations; speaking and enjoying language from the start.


Babbel is the world top-selling app to learn languages.

  • Lessons with realistic scenarios designed by over 100 linguists.
  • Interactive dialogues that get you speaking confidently.
  • Compatibility with most devices, with lessons that are only 10-15 min.
  • Reviews that bring back everything you’ve learned.


and more...


Build a solid foundation in the Portuguese language and start to communicate your thoughts and opinions. Learn Portuguese or Brazilian in a way you never have before with fun and logical lessons made by experts.


The Pimsleur method works extremely well and is one of the easiest ways to learn a new foreign language. 


Award-winning English language learning courses

Used by over 1,200,000 people, just like you, to master a new language.


Collaborate in real time! During your lesson you and your teacher can use Workspace to upload, review, and work together on documents like lesson plans, assignments, images, notes, worksheets, and vocab flashcards.

Verbling Video is an integrated HD platform that makes it super easy to connect with your JAPANESE teacher. You don't have to juggle external applications for chats, calls, or screenshares – when it’s time for your lesson, just log in and begin.

German online courses

Learn German more effectively


Try Rocket German: The online German course that's simple, powerful, and works.

  • You'll be amazed at how much German you'll learn.
  • You get instant lifetime access to hours of selected lessons.
  • You also get the famous "Learn German fast" mini-course via email.


Explore the most effective French courses from beginners to advanced including pronunciation, business, slang, tourism.


Choose the course that is right for you and study at your convenience, on desktop or mobile app. You can start anytime, anywhere, also offline.


Learn Italian Language fast and easy. Complete Italian Course for Intermediate with Visual Support.  


Are you ready to master your spoken English and advance your career? After taking one of these comprehensive courses, you will know how to produce all of the sounds of American English, pronounce work-related vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, use accurate pronunciation grammar and speak with an American intonation. You will have the confidence to speak up in meetings, present your good ideas, influence your coworkers, win over your customers, and fully participate in conversations with your American friends and colleagues. These courses are designed for professionals and students who are serious about speaking English with clarity, accuracy and confidence.


English online courses

Mastering English Fluency


In this fantastic English course, you will learn how to sound natural when speaking in conversation. We will go over ways to blend words when speaking continuously, and also how to say specific sounds in the right way so that your speaking flows more easily. You will learn about tone and intonation, and how to use stress to get your meaning across. Each lesson focuses on a single idea, and each is comprehensive. Students can go at their own pace and should take their time, with lots of practice between videos.


English Vocabulary Launch is an English vocabulary course taught by a native British English speaker. You will learn the target English vocabulary at a deep level so that you can sound more native-like when you speak English. Learn English vocabulary, speaking and listening skills and become more fluent learning from a native highly-qualified English teacher.


Perfect English Pronunciation is an English pronunciation course taught by me, Anthony, a native British English speaker. Thus, we will be focusing on British English sounds: you will learn every single English sound and will master each one so that you can sound more native-like.


Are you struggling with your English pronunciation? This course for beginners will guide you through the basics of correct American pronunciation and help you learn how to make the sounds of standard American English with confidence.


With English Speaking Course: Slang, Idioms, Pronunciation you can try it now for free and if you decide to buy, it's at a very special price for very few days.

  • After taking this course, you'll understand many of the most common slang and idioms of spoken American English.
  • You'll know very well how many American English words and phrases are pronounced by native English speakers in the USA.