NSQF IT Employability Skills CLASS IX
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Session 1: Introduction to Communication
Session 2: Verbal Communication
Session 3: Non-Verbal Communication
Session 4: Writing Skills: Parts of Speech
Session 5: Writing Skills: Sentences
Session 6: Pronunciation Basics
Session 7: Greetings and Introduction
Session 8: Talking about Self
Session 9: Asking Questions I
Session 10: Asking Questions II

Intro to Unit 2 Self Management Skills
Session 1: Introduction to Self Management Skills
Session 2: Strength and Weakness Analysis
Session 3: Self-confidence
Session 4: Positive Thinking
Session 5: Personal Hygiene
Session 6: Grooming

Unit 3: Information and Communication Technology Skills
Session 1: Introduction to ICT
Session 2: ICT Tools: Smartphones and Tablets — I
Session 3: ICT Tools: Smartphones and Tablets — II
Session 4: Parts of Computer and Peripherals
Session 5: Basic Computer Operations
Session 6: Performing Basic File Operations
Session 7: Communication and Networking —Basics of Internet
Session 8: Communication and Networking —Internet Browsing
Session 9: Communication and Networking — Introduction to e-mail
Session 10: Communication and Networking — Creating an e-mail Account
Session 11: Communication and Networking — Writing an e-mail
Session 12: Communication and Networking — Receiving and Replying to e-mails

Unit 4: Entrepreneurship Skills
Session 1: What is Entrepreneurship?
Session 2: Role of Entrepreneurship
Session 3: Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur
Session 4: Distinguishing Characteristics of Entrepreneurship and Wage Employment
Session 5: Types of Business Activities
Session 6: Product, Service and Hybrid Businesses
Session 7: Entrepreneurship Development Process

Unit 5: Green Skills
Session 1: Society and Environment
Session 2: Conserving Natural Resources
Session 3: Sustainable Development and Green Economy

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