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My name is Binai Monicum and I studied masters of computer science at

RMIT University.

The reason that I went to careers and development was to basically understand

whether my resume was in-line with what the Australian market demands.

Oh, it improved a lot. I mean I was absolutely clueless on what a resume should

look like here in Australia. To tell you the fact my resume was eight pages long.

They helped me understand how a resume is built for a particular kind of job.

That’s something that I really appreciated, making us self-dependent,

then you get the reassurance that whatever you have done is going

to be acceptable by the employer.

I had an interview offer, I’d passed the technical stage of the interview and was moving on

to the behavioural interview. I knew that this was a crucial one to get the job.

I had the interview the next day and I was kind of desperate.

Stephanie is one of the counsellors, she was really welcoming, she understood

what the problem I was facing and basically went through the entire behavioural

interview questions, how to frame particular answers for a particular type of question.

She basically built up my confidence. I knew all the answers. I just had to hear it

from someone else saying yeah, you’re all prepared, go … you’re going to do great.

That’s what I needed and basically landed the job.