Enhancing Employability Skills from a New Normal Perspective | Dr Devika Agarwal

For many youths today, getting a secured career is the topmost priority. Looking at the present situation it is uncertain as to what the economy and job market will look like in three to six months.
In this live session, Dr Devika Agarwal presented her views to help our students to enhance their Employability Skills from a New Normal Prospective. Here is the complete session in case you missed it.

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Topics covered in this session:
1. Are good grades enough?
2. Recruitment Process of MNC’s
3. Power-packed Resume.
4. Templates.
5. Written Test during Recruitment.
6. What are Soft Skills?
7. Communication Skills.
8. Interpersonal Skills.
9. Adaptability towards Technology.
10. What Are Technical Skills?
11. Internship Portals
12. Employability test.


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Video published on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAwjuj1Fx3A by Biyani Group Of Colleges Jaipur

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