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Employability skills are basic skills necessary for getting a job, keeping the job, and doing well on a job. Today’s competitive job market presents the need for job seekers, to be fully equipped with skill sets which are expected and sought by employers. Learning about Employability Skills, can give you an advantage and edge in the employment market.

This course is aimed at anyone who is seeking to get a job or aspiring to make the first impression the right impression – for and at a job.

The goal of this course is to empower the learners with the knowledge of skills, which may have got missed in the formal academic curriculum

By the end of this course, learners can hope to improve their knowledge and understanding of the workplace requirements. On one end, it attempts to build foundation in computer skills and communication skills. And on the other end, it strives to inculcate values needed for advancing in a career.

With the expertise rendered by our experts, the content of the course employed videos, demonstrations, simulations, animations, scenarios, and inter-activities to provide a better and easy learning experience.

In essence, the course has been structured around four important chapters. These Chapters are :

1. Being Communicative: This chapter prepares the learners to overcome common errors in listening, understanding, speaking, writing, and body language.

2. Building Competencies: This chapter enables the learners to build and improve their personal competencies which will help them to get a job and to perform well in a job.

3. Being Equipped: This chapter aim to draw the attention of learners toward using windows desktop computers and common applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

4. Getting Employed: This chapter prepares the learners with tools and techniques to search a job, write a resume, prepare for interview, face the interview, and following up post-interview.

Also, the Knowledge Checks (KCs) interspersed in each lesson have drag and drop, matching grids, and multiple choice questions. These KCs allow the learners to confirm their knowledge of information before going on to the next section of the lessons. There are also multiple Qualifying Tests (QT), which will test and reinforce the learning from the overall course.

Keeping in mind the commonly expected skills by employers, this course meticulously obtained inputs from experienced industry practitioners.

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